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Congratulations on the Firm for the recommendation... [2020.01.17]
Congratulations on the Firm for winning first priz... [2020.01.10]
The Firm welcomes the visit of Mr. L.K. Larry Yen,... [2020.01.07]
Ms. Yi-Ching Tsai, Attorney at Law of the Firm, sh... [2020.01.02]
Congratulations on a successful seminar entitled “... [2019.12.23]
Founded by Professor Dr. S. S. Tzeng in Taipei in 1973 and thereafter headed by Dr. Shen-I Lee, Dr. Carl K. M. Wu and Mr. Alex C. Y. Tsai, CHIEN YEH LAW OFFICES (the "Firm") has been providing high quality and comprehensive legal services to our clientele for about 40 years.
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