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Prospects: Providing Multidimensional and Professional Legal Services

Strategic Alliance
The world is now moving towards a new economic era of globalization; under the WTO framework, new outlooks and requirements of both domestic and overseas economic and social activities increasingly demand professional legal services that encompass cross-border and multi-disciplinary transactions. The subject of the projects proposed by clients usually involves various areas and fields, including, accounting, finance, taxation, engineering, BOT, information, biotechnology and medical industry.

Therefore, expertise in one area of law is now insufficient to meet the clients' needs. The keys to success in this new economic environment are, efficient teamwork and coordination amongst professionals and experts from various fields, working together to create a competitive edge for the clients by reducing the time and costs involved.

Accordingly, strategic alliance has become a current trend in legal services. The Firm has already adopted a strategic alliance policy in order to join specialized professions of different areas and work closely with experts across professional fields. With the Firm's great achievements, integrated and multidisciplinary service packages can be provided to our clients.


One-Stop Inquiry
In 1973, Professor Dr. S. S. Tzeng, Esq. and Mr. C. L. Lin, CPA, created Chien Yeh Associated Law Offices and Chien Yeh Associated Certified Public Accountants, respectively. The term "Associated" was originally incorporated into the two firms' Chinese names to reflect that, despite the two firms being created as independent entities, they were located on the same premise and was closely associated in offering combined one-stop services to the firms' clients. Today, the Firm continues to develop close associations with CPA firms, and we are able to offer institutional and individual clients efficient, on the spot, and integrated services for all their legal, commercial, financial and accounting needs.

With the collective resources and full collaboration of its strategic alliance partners, the Firm is dedicated to providing its clients with a broad range of consultancy services. If any of our clients need services involving expertise in finance, accounting, engineering, information technology or intellectual property rights, the Firm can provide pertinent information immediately. This not only adds to the value of the Firm's legal services but also satisfies our clients' needs for multidisciplinary services.


Missions: Profession-Oriented and Internationalization

The legal services industry around the world is undergoing transformation to evolve towards international networking, economies of scale, and specialization. Under the frameworks of WTO, the laws regarding international trade and the economy are being reformed correspondingly, and therefore, this globalization movement further creates a strong demand for international legal services.

In recent years, the Firm has been swiftly expanding its scale, scope of services and expertise, as well as continuing to improve our quality of services. Having extended our practice areas to investment, commerce, and trade areas, the Firm is one of the best legal advisors and consultants, offering integrated and cross-field advice to our clients. By working closely with strategic partners, the Firm provides comprehensive legal services involving fund raising in domestic and foreign securities markets, listing, cross-border investments, finance, financial insurance, securities, futures, trust, securities investment trust, funds, intellectual property rights as well as the same in emerging industries. This includes IT, cyber laws, e-commerce, telecommunications, media, medical, healthcare, biotechnology, promoting private participation in infrastructure developments, mass rapid transit systems, and urban renewal.

American and European law firms are often more experienced than Taiwanese firms in terms of comprehensive strengths, specialization, expertise, quality of service and overall scale of management. Therefore, for international networkings, the Firm cooperates closely with major law firms around the world, as the Firm continues to make remarkable progress and breakthroughs in its office operations, teamwork and reputation.


Goals: Strength, Efficiency, Profiting, and Reward

In order to provide multidimensional and professional legal services, the Firm requires our lawyers to have a high standard of expertise, language skills and cross-field knowledge. For those with only local training, a master's degree is indispensable. Besides the basic law degree requirement, the Firm encourages its attorneys to possess expertise in other fields, including having another degree or professional license. Currently, our colleagues' expertise ranges from foreign literature, education, economy, medicine, business management, civil engineering, biological material, telecommunications engineering, financial insurance, trust, financial management, land administration, to job placement services.

Furthermore, with the rise of e-commerce and the intellectual property industries, the Firm is aware that information technology and legal services have become inseparable. At the same time, the Firm continues to upgrade its information technology equipments, with the aim of reducing costs of business administration, and increasing professional efficiency and the overall strength and quality of the Firm's services.

Unlike sole practitioners or small firms that heavily rely on personal relations to solicit clients, the Firm recognizes the importance of teamwork and resource sharing in increasing its competitive strengths and efficiency. Working together, our colleagues learn from one another and contribute to improve the quality and standard of work and thereby winning our clients' trust and confidence. The spirit of teamwork also extends beyond the Firm's own offices to foreign offices and clients.

The Firm's most valuable asset is our talented people. The Firm is very proud of our team's personal and professional achievements, and we provide our colleagues with sound training programs and incentives to continue to improve themselves. Any lawyers or other personnel with excellent performance are awarded with generous wages or scholarships to pursue additional studies or trainings abroad.

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